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Development of drawings,

project management,

development of analog parts.

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Material cutting

Material cutting with plotter,

Laser cutting and engraving,

Punch press cutting.

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Production of parts according to the model,

Production of parts by piece,

Small supply delivery.

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The company "Cut Service" has been operating on the Latvian market for 10 years. In the beginning, we sold technical materials, but over time we noticed that customers either could not or did not want to process the material correctly, which is why they stopped buying it over time or bought much more than they needed, because a large amount was spoiled during processing.

The experience gained over the years made it possible to understand that modern technologies are the best solution to ensure the required level of safety of parts and the time of their use that customers need. We now have a new goal - to offer the market a more thoughtful approach to detail and technically competent sourcing to simplify complex tasks. Therefore, we are no longer just resellers, but engineers and designers who find the most suitable solutions for the client's needs.

We want to take a leading position in the processing of technical materials (plastic, rubber, polyurethane, PTFE, etc.) and act as a local partner for production in the Baltics.


With the largest and best cutting and shaping equipment, we can implement big ideas in a short time and at a reasonable cost, from sketching on a piece of paper and buying the necessary material to finished products in large quantities. Here's a real-life example - 50,000 new plexiglass equipment pieces within 2 weeks from idea to delivery.

On this site we have posted all the information about our production capabilities, the equipment used and the materials that we can work with. Your task is to choose a suitable solution for yourself and write to us. In our section CONTACTS you can find all the information on how to contact us, which is always updated in a timely manner.