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Sometimes you need to not only cut a piece, but also make sure it can be connected to other pieces of equipment. In this case, a service for the installation of parts is needed.

Just as a cabinet consists of several parts that are interconnected, so a part can consist of several parts fastened together. It would be silly to assemble a cabinet from different parts that are purchased from different suppliers with different standards for sizes, materials and colors. In addition, ordering parts from different manufacturers can take a lot of time, not counting the additional costs of customs clearance and delivery. To save time looking for different component parts and ordering them from different manufacturers, the customer can apply for a service for assembling parts.

Assembly of units is a complex and critical stage in the technological process of manufacturing a product, since it is mainly performed manually. Therefore, even well-made parts, falling into the wrong hands, fail before even starting their service life. During assembly, all errors in the shape of parts made during the previous stages are revealed, and it is often necessary to apply methods of manual fitting and finishing of parts to ensure the required quality of the product.

Prefabricated units can be detachable or one-piece, assembled using glue. To assemble assemblies using adhesive joints, methods of manual or mechanized application of glue to the surfaces to be joined are used. The assembled assembly units, depending on the design of the product, are sometimes subjected to additional machining.

Our employees have wide experience in assembling structures of varying complexity. Therefore, we can offer the service of assembling products not only from parts produced in our workshops, but also outside it. Experience in production gives us confidence that we can be useful to our customers. This allows you to quickly find the best and most cost-effective solution, purchase all the necessary components and provide a fully assembled and tested part.

All responsibility for the quality of the part will fall on us, which will allow us to track and quickly eliminate any errors. Choosing our service for the installation of a part, you will receive ONE guarantee for ALL the part (and not for its individual parts), ONE amount of shipping costs (and not a few financial and time costs for delivery and customs clearance) and compliance with ALL the nuances of the connection.

You order, we determine the cost, purchase all the necessary materials and install.