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Before starting mass production, it is sometimes important to create a blueprint and 3D model to make sure the idea can be realized in real life.

Each part has its own task, and in order to determine whether the invented part can fulfill its purpose, it is important to make sure of this using the latest 3D modeling technologies. It's also important to determine how this particular piece will connect to others. Therefore, our drawings and the ability to create 3D projections will promptly eliminate all possible errors and shortcomings, as well as immediately make all the necessary corrections.

We can take fairly accurate measurements from an existing product or use sketches from the client. To create a drawing of a sealing product, we can use the unit body where the seal will be inserted. Old, out of order products can also be used as a basis. Both 2D and 3D models are produced in the shortest possible time.

After the model has been agreed with the client, a trial cut and fitting are carried out, on the basis of which the final changes are made. The model of the final product becomes the property of the client, and also remains in our database forever, and the client has the opportunity to return to the model at any time and repeat the order or make changes.