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Sometimes a new part is needed to replace an old one that has already worn out. The machine or device, the part of which needs to be replaced, may no longer be produced, therefore such a part cannot be ordered from the manufacturer or its manufacture is too expensive. In addition, lately, we are more and more often faced with a situation where the elements of certain structures do not withstand existing loads. The equipment manufacturer tries to reduce the cost of his goods as much as possible, and as a result, he often crosses the line where the material used for the production of the part categorically does not fit there, therefore, the wear of the old part can also be associated with low-quality material that was used in order to save money in order to reduce the cost of the product ...

If the order and delivery of a new part is too long, and besides, the same cheap and low-quality material is offered, it would be smarter to make a new version from a more durable material. In this case, you can bring an old prototype, explain your need, and we will already find a suitable and more durable material, from which we will quickly make a new part that will serve you longer and better.

Our company can produce parts in any quantity - both one and up to 1000 copies, while the material from which the parts are made does not play a big role. We understand that this procedure is most often an experiment, therefore we do not ask for a serial order and are ready to work with single test items in order to find the best and most convenient solution.