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Since 2011, our company has been offering cutting services for different materials, in accordance with the client's drawings. Today our production line is equipped with the most modern equipment, which allows us to process various materials quickly, with high quality and inexpensively. The working surface is 1300x1300mm in size, the design of the laser body allows us to produce parts of almost any size and length.

The use of a computer-controlled laser allows us to achieve a high-quality cut of various materials. On a regular basis, we are engaged in the disclosure of materials such as:

  • Acryl  (Organic glass, PMMA)
  • Technical rubber (oil resistant (MBS), chemically resistant (TMKShch), general purpose (SBR), Viton, Kalrez)
  • Porous rubber
  • Gasket material paranit
  • Different plastics
  • Wood
  • Silicone
  • Porous (foamed) silicone
  • Fluoroplastic
  • Expanded (foamed) fluoroplastic
  • Felt
  • Leather
  • Textiles, etc.

Maximum material thickness for processing 40 mm.

This technology also enables engraving on materials. When engraving, we have the ability to adjust the depth and resolution (number of pixels) of the picture / object. It is also possible not to cut through the material completely, but to make cuts. To improve the quality of the work carried out, you can use different gases, argon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and so on.

To write the program, we use files with the extension .dxf or .dwg, jpg. bmp.  The client can prepare a drawing on his own or contact our specialists in the design section. Our experts quickly and efficiently, are able to take measurements from an existing sample or seat. After which the drawing becomes the property of the customer.



Until now, the main material for laser cutting remains (PMMA) – Acryl, organic glass.

All major manufacturers of PMMA such as PLEXIGLAS®, Altuglas®, ACRYLITE®, TroGlass, Madre Perla®, Plazit®, Perspex®, Quinn®, Oroglas®, Plaskolite® indicate laser cutting as the main method of processing these materials. This type of cutting, without additional processing, allows you to achieve a high cleanliness of the cut surface.

For more information and a specific price offer, please contact our managers in the contacts section.

In the section our projects you can see videos and photos on this topic.

The engraving depth can be changed as needed, which allows you to create different inscriptions and types of patterns. The material from which the part is cut is not subjected to mechanical stress, since the laser beam burns out the shape from above, without even touching the surface.

The laser can also cut organic glass, technical rubber, various plastics, silicone, felt and textiles.

Maximum material thickness for processing 40 mm.